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Concrete Animal Statues 

As a hobby a few months a year,  part time I make along with my son's a wide range of Garden Concrete Animals as Back Yard Art or Garden Statues from Concrete Cow Statue, Horse Statue, Garden Pig Statues, concrete Bear, Concrete Garden Rabbit statue, Concrete Deer Statue, concrete Squirrel statue, Bear Animal Garden Statues, from Polar bear to Grizzly Bear.

Service Atlantic Canada, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia with  Made in Canada products from Concrete, Cement for Garden, Back Yards for outdoor Use, Statuary, Garden Ornaments, Landscaping Products and Figurines

Baby Concrete Cow

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Baby Concrete Cow

Concrete Cow Statue is 25 long 11 high and 14 deep concrete cow statue has such greats design , concrete animal statue. almost life size animal statues


Standing Horse concrete statue


Standing Concrete Horse  statue

Dramatically dominate to landscape, this cute Concrete Horse Statue, standing 35 inches Tall and  long, we make 6 a year so order early, Concrete Horse statue is large and needs a truck to move it, Lawn Ornaments, Concrete Animal Statue,


Raccoon Plaque Concrete

Raccoon Plaque Concrete

 Raccoon Plaque comes stained with a hook on the back. 

 concrete  $10


 Pig Concrete Statue

Pig Concrete Statue.

 14 inch long 9 inch Tall Pig statue , Lawn Ornaments Garden statue. Animal Garden Statue

Plain  $25 


Realistic Concrete Bear Statue

Realistic Concrete Bear Statue

This Concrete Bear Statue is so realistic looking, sitting at over two feet tall and its weight is about the same as this size Bear .  Pounds . Garden Statue Lawn Ornaments, Animal Statue $165 and  $



Shipping very expensive and normally starts at ten times the price of my statues to as much as twenty eight times the price and all have to be wooden crated before shipped, customer s arrange all shipping crating and pickup and delivery.

All Shipping is arranged by Customers

Polar Bear Statue


Concrete Polar Bear Statue

Concrete Bear at 13 tall 18 long and 9 wide magnificent Polar Bear concrete statue will be a conversational piece in any home or garden, this statue will be a focal point in your private garden space. Concrete Animal Statue

Plain $30


Mouse with cheeze

Mouse with Cheeze Statue

 Mouse with Cheese Statue, might even make your cat chase once seen by cat.Lawn Ornaments or Back Yard Art

Cost concrete $10


Hedgehog laying on his back

Hedge Hog laying on his back

This small but cute Hedge Hog Garden statue,  laying on his back play full looking, stone. Animal Garden Statue

Price concrete $10


Otter Concrete Statue


Otter Concrete Statue

 cement Otter lawn ornament has great detail. Found in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland will enhance any home Garden decor.


Sitting Concrete Pig Statue

Sitting Concrete Pig statue

Concrete Pig Statue 12 inches tall, 12 deep and 8 wide, this sitting Pig has great detail. This cute fella will bring a nice addition to any garden yard.


 concrete $25


Chef Barbeque Pig


Chef Porky Pig Barbecue Statue

   Large Barbecue Statue , Standing Chef Cooker Porky Pig BBQ Statue measures approximately  26" high x 9" wide x 9 1/2" deep. This Standing Chef Cooker Porky Pig BBQ Statue has open hands so it can hold a sign or cooking utensils. weight 66 lbs, concrete Pig Statue, Lawn Ornaments

 Plain $ 60.00   



Garden Rabbit Statue

Garden Rabbit Statue

Garden Rabbit Statue 10 inches long 7 inches tall and 8 wide, Concrete Animal Statue this cute fella will enhance any garden or home, a must for Bunny lovers. Weight 13 lbs

Plain  $25  


Baby Rabbit Garden Statue

Baby Rabbit Garden Lawn Ornament Pure Concrete $10

Long Eared Garden Rabbit Statue

Long Eared Garden Rabbit Statue.

 Rabbits are often used as a symbol of fertility or rebirth, and have long been associated with spring and Easter Bunny. This cute Long Eared Bunny is 7 inches long and 4.5 inches wide  and has great detail and a white tail, Garden Rabbit Statue

$15 plain cement 


Concrete Garden Rabbit Statue


Concrete Garden Rabbit Statue

 Medium sized Concrete Garden Rabbit stands 28 inches  Tall and  15 at the base, and 8 deep, made from solid concrete comes stained or just plain concrete, we cast 4 a year, so order early

 concrete  $80


Large Garden Rabbit Statue




Large Garden Rabbit Statue.

 Large Concrete Garden Rabbit Statue in a standing position. Smiling rabbit adds a whimsical touch to any garden This Garden Statue has a weathered finish and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use This Rabbit is a amazing 34 inches Tall, 12 inches wide and 15 inches deep, This is a massive statue .. weight is 105 lbs
 Price $ 120   


Hedge Hog Concrete Statue


Hedge Hog Garden Concrete Statue plain $35

Koala Bear and Cub concrete statue

Koala Bear and Cub concrete statue

This cute small concrete statue, is great for the collector of bear statues or to have a new family addition to your garden with this mother and baby Koala,  Animal Garden Statue

Plain  Price $15


Skunk like Pepe Lepew

Skunk statue

This cute but naughty. Skunk, is a garden friend. stands 10 inches tall made from concrete  Animal Concrete Garden Statue     

Price  pl $25   

Large Concrete Teddy Bear Statue


                                                                                                         Teddy Bear Concrete Statue

This massive Concrete Teddy Bear statue stands 27 inches Tall, 13 wide at the hands and 10 inches Deep, this statue is stained and sealed  weight 78  lbs Animal Garden Statue

Price $ 80

Grizzly  concrete Bear statue

 Black Concrete Bear statue

18 Inches Tall 11 inches wide made from concrete , this statue has great detail weight is 41 lbs Concrete  Bear  Statue sitting on a tree stump,  ,see picture

Price $40

Beaver Concete Garden Statue

Beaver Garden Statue solid cement statuary

PL cost $40






 Large Standing Meerkat 

This popular animal meerkat is in the standing position, standing 12 inches tall, she has good detail and she has 3 babies that you can also place with her, in your garden see other statues 

  plain $20     c Price $25

3 Meerkat Babies 

  This Beautiful 10 inch  Long, see hear and speak no Evil  this is a new mold and the detail is great, can be used either indoors or out doors. Made from concrete,stained sealed

  Pl $20     Price $25


Exrta Large Ladybug.

This massive Ladybug should amuse all ladybug lovers weighing in at 17 lbs, 12 inches long, 9 inches wide and 4 and a half  high. Stained sealed , made from concrete.

Plain concrete $15

       Lady Bugs  Mom & Baby

This Lady Bug Collection is great for any garden, Starting with the Mom she is  12 inches by 8 inches wide and the baby is 3 inces long 2 inches wide  stained sealed.  THIS collection has a total of 2 lady bugs, WEIGHT 6 LBS

Plain concrete $10



Squirrel Feeder statue


Squirrel Feeder statue

 Squirrel feeder at 11 inches tall and 7 inches wide at the bowel, it will fit any Decor , watch the birds, squirrels feast on the food. It comes either plain concrete or stained Concrete Garden Statue, life size animal statue

Price plain $  20...


Small Concrete Squirrel Statue

       Small Concrete Squirrel Statue 

This 8 inch long, 3 inch wide and 5 inch to tail Tall. Concrete Squirrel  Statue, this cute item will make a great addition to any garden... 
Price $ $20 stained  plain concrete $10


Concrete Squirrel Statue

Concrete Squirrel  Statue with Nut

Concrete Squirrel Statue with Nut Medium size is our largest we make, it has great detail and looks very cute under or on a tree. The length is 9 inches  the width is 4 inches and it's height is 8 tall, the weight is 

Price concrete $ 15    


Large Concrete Squirrel Garden Ornament

Large Squirrel Garden Statue

This Cute Large Concrete Squirrel will bring attention from all the wide life. This beautifully crafted Squirrel with acorn.

$65 Plain 

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